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The importance of gender mainstreaming in disaster risk reduction is highlighted in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 and is also demonstrated in many case studies on gender and natural hazards.


The mainstreaming of gender on the ground is also linked to the gender balance of teams of experts which subsequently widens perspectives. Therefore the aim of women exchange 4 Disaster Risk Reduction (we4DRR), a network for female experts, is not only to discuss issues on gender and natural hazards but also to increase the visibility and strengthen female professionals by enabling the transnational exchange of knowledge and experiences.

We4DRR is a European-wide, loose network (not an association) for the exchange of women in science, administration/policy and practice working in the fields of natural hazard management and disaster risk reduction. It was launched in 2016 by Maria Patek, the former head of the Forestry and Sustainability Section at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management (BML), to provide a platform by and for women interested in professional and personal exchange. The network is coordinated by the Austrian Research Centre for Forests (Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald, BFW) in cooperation with BOKU Vienna and the Federal Ministry. 

What we do

We4DRR organizes webinars where expert network members present their work as well as their career paths. A we4DRR newsletter is published 4-5 times per year that includes information on upcoming events, online courses, and relevant resources for network members. Similar information, such as job postings, workshops, training events and conferences are also shared via the we4DRR LinkedIn account. On different occasions, we4DRR organizes training (scientific writing, presentations & media appearance, etc.) as well as networking events (back-to-back with conferences).

How to join

If you are interested in exchanging as a network member, please email contact@we4drr.net and mention that you would like to join the network. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire to be added to the network.