General assembly 2017 in Trento, Italy

The group in front of the exhibition on the floods in 1966
Foto: we4DRR

From 3 - 5 May 2017, 35 members of we4DRR met in Trento for the general assembly. The first evening started with the board game ‘mind the (gender) gap’ designed by Max Willis from the University of Trento, sparking first discussions on gender an disaster risk reduction as a warm up for the two consecutive days.

Welcome and keynotes

Thursday 4 May started with welcome addresses by the official of the autonomous province of Trento Sara Ferrari and the steering committee of we4DRR. Afterwards very interesting keynotes were given by Luisa Zappini on the emergency unit of Trento and by Susan Cutter on disaster risk management - linking science to policy and practice. Further a report on the activities of the network in the past year was given.

Excursion in Trento

After a short lunch break the group took off to visit an exhibition on the floods of 1966 and the emergency center of the Autonomous Province of Trento to get more insight in the 112 project. Afterwards the working groups of the network gathered to discuss objectives and next steps regarding communication, research, data and education.


The second day of the meeting was dedicated to an empowerment workshop, discussing various solutions to recurrent situations and develop strategies for the daily work life.  

Overall the meeting with its diverse programme offered space for many interesting discussions on gender and disaster risk reduction, female experts in a male dominated field as well as the roadmap 2017/2018.