we4DRR in Switzerland - first meeting

keynotes and presentations
Foto: we4DRR

As regional groups might bring another dynamic into the network, four members from Switzerland organized an exchange event for women working in DRR in Switzerland. The event took place on March 23rd 2017 at the University of Berne.

The event started with a welcome address and keynotes about we4DRR (Niki Beyer Portner), gender in DRR (Margreth Keiler) and workday life of women in Switzerland (Ursina Anderegg - Officer for gender equality at the University of Berne).

Afterwards a couple of questions were discussed with the participants e.g. what are the challenges for women working in we4DRR?, how does our dream network look like? This resulted in good ideas regarding possibilities for exchange, promoting young professionals, advanced training and how to further promote the network in Switzerland.