we are we4DRR - Claudia Sauermoser

Claudia Sauermoser in a mountain landscape
Foto: Claudia Sauermoser

“Every challenge is a new opportunity!”

Claudia's career

  • She studied Forestry at the University of Life Science and Natural Resources and completed her master in Torrent and Avalanche Control/Natural Hazards
  • After graduating she started an administrative traineeship in the directorate “Torrent and Avalanche Control” in the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism in Vienna
  • Since 2016 she works in the regional office “Carinthia Northeast” of the Austrian Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control

Why natural hazards?

  • Working with natural hazards combines a lot of different fields of research
  • Natural fascination of nature and all the processes
  • Being outside in nature and the mountains
  • working together with citizens and support them in all the questions they have about natural hazards

Her point of view on women in DRR

  • women bring in new perspectives and points of views in the field of DDR
  • women are still under-represented or not visible in the field of DRR
  • especially in the countryside women in technical positions are less accepted

Why we4DRR?

  • To strengthen women in daily work and to support each other
  • To make women more visible in the field of DRR
  • To look closer at the role of women regarding natural hazards

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