we4DRR “meet and greet” at the International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, 08–12 September 2019

Kurzinformation zu dieser Veranstaltung

09.09.2019 18:00 - 19:00
SOWI Aula - Congress Centrum Innsbruck

This side-event informs about the network we4DRR – The network is an exchange network for female experts and caters women working in research, policy and practitioners in the field of natural hazards and disaster risk reduction. It offers information about the aim and outputs of the network and the membership procedure and promotes the new student award we4DRR 2019. With this award, outstanding master’s and PhD theses or scientific papers contributing to the topic of gender issues in disaster risk reduction are rewarded once a year. The session invites all members of the network and all female experts working in the field of disaster risk reduction and/or gender-related topics who are participating IMC 2019 to discuss latest topics in the research field and get together for a meet and greet.